Wednesday, August 19, 2009

encounter with nature..!!

Day 1, (Time 4 am) :

...and the journey begins with a sudden change in the climate of Delhi as the clouds start roaring followed by a heavy downpour. I was very excited as this was to happen after a long time that i was re-uniting with my graduation friends. With the sudden change in the delhi climate, i was a bit skeptical about how would i commute from home to New Delhi Railway station. My brother offered me to drop and i accepted the offer firmly. We drove to station immediately to reach on time. My train was scheduled to depart at 5:30 am from new delhi station, but i could not see any sign of its arrival till 6 am so i was a bit worried, but still no less in enthusiasm. Finally, Firozpur-Mumbai Punjab Mail arrived and people started running here and there on the platform. I found my place easily in my B-1 coach, which was empty. I placed my bag and started looking for co-travellars, who would company me till the destination, but couldn't find one. I was drowsing as i could not sleep last night due to the excitement. The coach attendant appeared and i asked for my bed-rolls, to which he responded immediately. I slipped inside me bed-roll and started thinking about our BTM days.

(Time: 11 am) :

Today, its Janmastami and as we move towards our destination, Mani was supposed to board the train from Gwalior. He appeared on the right time at the station and duly boarded the train. He had brought our favroute "aunty ke kheer". Everybody in our compartment was amazed as they gradually noticed Mani's activities. Mani is a complete phone-freak and he cant live without his cell-phone even for a minute. Gradually, we both got into our rythm (we share an amazing chemistry) and shared our gossips. He is one talkative guy, who can single handedly take-on anybody when it comes to eating or giving views / re-views about the latest mobiles.