Friday, June 25, 2010

Thanks a ton Chanz for tagging me yet again.

I am supposed to mention 9 things that I have worn the most. Wooaahh..!! Gradually, i have started enjoying this tagging game and specially this one would be his is quite an interesting as i am supposed to click pics and put them for display. So, here is my list of 9 things straight from my wardrobe.

(Apologies for the poor picture quality)

1.) My Black shorts. I put them almost every odd day and i have traveled a lot and boarded lots of flights n Trains wearing this short. They are one of the most comfortable shorts i have on date.

2.) This Nike shot caller t-shirt was gifted to me by ma brother and trust me i have wore this almost twice a week for 2 yrs. I have worn this one every second day this summer. I love the comfort and I love the fabric. It is just perfect for a summer day.

3.) These track pants are the most frequently used cloth by me during winters. I just love blue and i use them at home, outside everywhere.

4.) My most treasured pair of jeans. I have similar 3 pairs all from Pepe London fit, one black and two basic blue. I just love wearing this fit.

5.) And now please don't be surprised at this one. My Jokey undergarments. I have 7 pieces each of vest (all white) and underwear (style 1005) of same color (all green). I dont why...but i have been repeatedly buying the same color and design for past 7 Years now. And i never feel like trying the other designs and colors. ;)

6.) This is my purchase of last Winters. I just love wearing them with my rugged jeans and a Tee. nothing like United Colors of Benetton when u want to look dashing and carry yourself in style. This keeps me warm all the winter.

7.) Nothing like this black jacket with a zip high neck. The fit and the comfort is just unbeatable. It goes well with my sporty style. My 1st choice with my blue denim when ever i am out during winters.

8.) My brown leather belt from Van Huesen. I use it almost daily whenever i step out of house. They go well with my formals as well as my rugged jeans.

9.) Last but not the least, some basics, which I use almost everyday. The after shave gel and the sunscreen lotion for men from Kaya for men, Garnier hair gel for the wet look and the Gillette series roll on to keep the body odor away and stay cool for the day.

I reached the nine quite soon. I am yet left with 5-7 items which i consider worth possession. Nothing like Converse All Stars or Nike joggers when it comes to casual/sport shoes or my Red Tape Blucher. My brown leather wallet which helps me to buy everything except happiness, i.e. various credit/debit cards and cash. and the list goes on and on..!

Time for tagging people..

I tag the following:

Puja vipin Singh
and Saru raist

I must say, after doing this love for my wardrobe has increased even more...esp my daily wear clothes. I hope you guys too enjoy doing this tag.