Thursday, January 14, 2010

where are we going..??

...its probably because of the occasional do something attitudes that hits me every now & then. this is one out of it. guys don`t be surprised if this thing gets shelved - quite possible, keeping in mind the terrible work schedules that we all work under. i really don`t know how far it`ll go or how successful it`ll be. but i badly wanted to start something like this & what better place than to blog everthying out. truly an amazing way to communicate about your thoughts, feelings and life in general.

Today, its Lohri so i thought i would make a quick escape from the office. As i was coming back from work, walking towards the metro station. I was passing through an upmarket shops and showroom beside, and was gazing at them while walking down, when i saw some fancy suits, lehanga and other bridal costumes wooing the customers. Two girls were staring at them and were talking and planning about some upcoming festival or function. I felt proud to be a part of a nation where the culture and values are still alive. And then, i was lost in my own thoughts...walking up the stairs to board the metro.

Are the Indian cultures and the values still intact..?? A debate began in my mind arguing against it. I was trying to make myself understand that, yes the Indian culture and values are still preserved and practiced with dignity. And as the metro train heading towards Dwarka arrived, i boarded smoothly to find a place to stand in the middle of the two bogies. I saw an old man in his 70s striving hard to stand in the crowded, jam-packed train. Soon, he was offered a seat by a young man to which he nodded positively and got a seat. I felt good and relieved and got an example to support my view that the values and respect to our elders is still in our heart.

But what about the culture..? The metro culture and lifestyle has over shadowed the importance of our Indian culture. To start with the Clothes and accessories, the dressing and fashion style has changed miraculously and is heading to a new level of dearth. And the liberal attitude towards life, work and family has affected the young generation, the worst. Discipline is an ancient word to most of them. Things like worship to god or offering a prayer is past. A school going girl enters virgin into the college but before she comes out has already slept with 3 odd guys in three years of her graduation. And we claim that, we are the most rich culture across the world. We have a problem with the word “sex” in our titles, but are okay with the cheap tactic used on a reality show to increase the TRP’s, !!  Beep has become a fashion on channels airing the so called reality shows.

One needs to apologize to political partiy for using the word Bombay instead of Mumbai, but BOMBAY TIMES, remains the most happening news paper in our country. Why is this one not called “MUMBAI TIMES” ?

And before i could come to any conclusion, my destination arrived and i boarded off the metro but the dilemma is still unsolved. Where are we heading towards..??

We must not blame just the children for this. Parents are equally responsible, as they hardly spend time with their child. In this life-style of metro, we even cant expect that our grand parents stay with us to nurture and impart the traditions and values. Its high time, parents should wake up and take out some quality time to spend with their son and daughters.