Friday, March 26, 2010

one sleepless longer than many nights of sleepless fun... is one of those toughest days of my life and the night is even longer as i am scared of something i shouldn't have been otherwise. i along with two other friends of mine decided to take elisa test... 'm sure the name itself may give goose bumps to many. so i thought, i would share some useful information with all my followers.

HIV is infamous as Human Immunodeficiency Virus. A surveys says that it takes around ten years on average for someone with HIV to develop AIDS. However, this average is based on the person with HIV having a reasonable diet, and someone who is malnourished may well progress from HIV to AIDS more rapidly.

HIV is found in the blood and the seminal fluids of an infected person, and in the breast milk of an infected woman. HIV transmission occurs when a sufficient quantity of these fluids get into someone else's bloodstream.

The various ways through which a person can get infected with HIV:

  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person: Sexual intercourse without a condom carries the risk of HIV infection.

  • Contact with an infected person's blood: If sufficient blood from somebody who has HIV enters someone else's body, then HIV can be passed on in the blood.

  • Use of infected blood products: Many people in the past have been infected with HIV by the use of blood transfusions and blood products which were contaminated with the virus. In much of the world this is no longer a significant risk, as blood donations are routinely tested for HIV.

  • Injecting drugs: HIV can be passed on when injecting equipment that has been used by an infected person is then used by someone else. In many parts of the world, often because it is illegal to possess them, injecting equipment or works are shared.

  • From mother to child: HIV can be transmitted from an infected woman to her baby during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding.

  • Certain groups of people, such as injecting drug users, sex workers, prisoners, and men who have sex with men have been particularly affected by HIV. However, HIV can infect anybody, and everyone needs to know how they can and can’t become infected with HIV.

How can this be identified ?

ELISA test, a biochemical technique is used to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. The ELISA has been used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and plant pathology, as well as a quality control check in various industries.

I never had any of the bad habbits which could infect me but why to take risk with my future partener. Life is precious, so lets do not waste it. Please go and check with the nearby hospital or pathologist to get the test done for HIV - I & II. It is conducted for free at most of the places and if at all you feel embarresed then go to any good private hospital and get the test for 500 buks.
Trust me, one sleepless longer than many nights of sleepless fun. I am expecting the results tomorrow... Just pray for all of us three that the test is negative.

Next Day:

Its negative...for all the three... Now do believe me... main accha baccha hun... :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 - are we moving ahead or going back..??

26th Jan 2010, 10:00 am.

as the nation celebrates its 61st Republic day, i was just trying to catch up with the ongoing republic day parade in the morning. All i could see on the television screen was a typical Dilli-foggy morning. But it has always been a family tradition to wake up early (9:30 is too early to wake up on a holiday) to turn on the television screen and switch to Doordarshan to watch the Republic day parade.

It makes me proud to be a part of the largest democracy of the world but i must admit at the same time that we are certainly not the best democracy in the world. If democracy means only a system where people elect their representatives to form the government, then ours is really a true democracy. But people like Mr. Raj Thackrey play smart politics to make fool of people.

9th Mar 2010, 6:00 pm.

The long awaited women's reservation bill has been passed from Rajya Sabha. The country has taken a big step by allowing women a real say in the governance and provide 33% reservation in parliament and state assemblies. When passed, this bill will change the political landscape of the nation by helping women reach the place which other wise remains a male bastion. This Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on September 12, 1996. Though it has been introduced in Parliament several times since then, the Bill could not be passed because of lack of political consensus. But why did this take so long to pass a bill of such high importance ? How has this been possible now ?

@ease says: 

In democracy, every one has equal right, then why reservation ? As the world is moving ahead, would this really help ? Are we really moving ahead ?

Women who have proved time and again that they are at par with men. More than reservation, they need education, empowerment and uplifting. Reservation is not a solution to empower women. Legislation may help to some extent but what needs to change is the mindset of people in our country. To administer a country, we need merit, not reservation. I wish this Bill is not mis-utilized, as in the past we have seen the uneducated wife of an ex-CM take-over his post solely on the merit of her husband.