Sunday, February 21, 2010

as you grow old with me..!!

I know the time is hard,

And, Fate is playing its card;

I promise this pain is ephemeral,

Because our Love is eternal.

The cloudy days will soon be past,

Smiles will adorn the lips at last;

I know it seems difficult though,

But, Love will make a path to flow.

The eclipse will soon be overcome by bright rays,

Let the patience tie knot with positive days;

I agree the journey ahead seems an ordeal,

But, Love will soon garner some zeal.

Let Love mature like Banyan Tree;

As you Grow old with me.

courtesy: shweta

Thursday, February 18, 2010

..'m not well

I had visions, I was in them

I was looking into the mirror

To see a little bit clearer

The rottenness and evil in me

Fingertips have memories

Mine can't forget the curves of your body

And when I feel a bit naughty

I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes

(but no one ever does)

I'm not sick but I'm not well

And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell

Been around the world and found

That only stupid people are breeding

The cretins cloning and feeding

And I don't even own a tv

Put me in the hospital for nerves

And then they had to commit me

You told them all I was crazy

They cut off my legs now I'm an amputee, goddamn you

I'm not sick but I'm not well

And I'm so hot cause i'm in hell

I'm not sick but I'm not well

And it's a sin to live so well

I wanna publish zines

And rage against machines

I wanna pierce my tongue

It doesn't hurt, it feels fine

The trivial sublime

I'd like to turn off time

And kill my mind

You kill my mind

Everybody's coming to get me

Just say you never met me

Im running under ground with the moles

(Diggin big holes)

Hear the voices in my head

I swear to god it sounds like they're snoring

But if you're bored then you're boring

The agony and the irony, they're killing me

I'm not sick but I'm not well

And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell

I'm not sick but I'm not well

And it's a sin to live so well

Friday, February 12, 2010

the chinese tag.

I would like to thank Lady Chanz and congratulate all those who have been tagged by Chanz. She is an amazing person but jus a lil-misguided youth.

And before i answer all these 8 sets of question, i would like to share a joke here:
Ek Sindhi ne ek chinese se shaadi kiya. 1 saal baad uski biwi mar gayi. Usse rota dekh ek sardar dost bola - Afsos hai, par soch na yaar...china ka maal aur kitan chalega.

86 TV shows / Channels I like to watch
8 shows are too much for me, as i hardly get any time to watch television. But keeping the tradition, i can name a couple of shows like:

3. Set Max (i am an IPL fan)
4. Travel & Living
5. NDTV Imagine
6. Discovery

I like following the debates and the political issues at the news channels and these are some reason why i like them. The reality shows are a big NO.

810 Places to eat and dine.
1. Rodeos, CP, Delhi. [You gotta try Fajita-tomatillo (mexican) here. Thanks to my sin partner Chanz., she ends up paying for ma drinks almost always] - a must go place.
2. KFC (chicken hot wings can beat anything)
3. Buffet at Marriot (only if chanz takes me and takes care of the bill :P)
4. Barbeque Nations (The grills are unbeatable)
5. Fujia, Chanakyapuri (a must go for all those chinese and susi lovers..)
6. Parikrama - The revolving restaurant.
7. Punjabi by Nature
8. Bercos (let me know if u can get chilly honey potato better than bercos anywhere)

9. Subway
10. Bennigans, Saket
8 Things I Look Forward To:

Umm.. The kind of responsibilities i have been laden with these days, am getting ample opportunities to travel and am loving it.

1. Travelling. I am a travel freak and am always finding reasons for an escape from work.
2. Reading books related to travel and living is one thing i really enjoy. Thanks to Outlook Traveller.
3. Blogging. You guessed it wrong. I like posting comments on other's blogs more than writing ma own, I enjoy it a lot.
4. Eating and Drinking. Trying various cuisines and recepies and various delicacies.
5. Cooking. I always enjoy trying ma skills at cooking.
6. Playing Guitar. still a beginner for past 3 yrs.
7. Singing. Yeah, its one of ma childhood obsession.
8. Songs Parody. now thats an undisclosed obsession.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday.

1. Played ma not so favryt game Office-Office.
2. Counselled one of ma close friend. She is facing too many downs in her life.
3. Drove with a friend to ma favryt hangout in the eve.
4. Had to listen to all the shit from that friend as usual (its a routine exercise).
5. Read few blogs in night (my catch is posting comments and ma views on the issues.)
6. Cooking with bhabhi
7. Dreams in night. (routine)
8. go to shit in the mid-night

8 Things I love about Winter

1. The day is short, the office timings in winter are liberal.
2. The temperature is just too good to have umpteen cups of coffee.
3. Halwaas and similar delicacious are treat to eat esp in winters.
4. Mamma doesn ask me to take bath everyday.
5. People in public transport dont stink.
6. The mornings are wonderful. In the bed.
7. More choices and combinations to wear.
8. No body questions your laziness.

8 Things on my Wish-list

1. To become a successful politician.
2. Become a billionaire by marrying one. (Help me find one if u know)
3. BMW, AUDI, FERRARI (the list is long, am a car freak and speed thrills me the most)
4. Buy an SLR camera. Photography is one of my obsessions (i dont mind if you gift me one :P)
5. Get paid for ma songs parody.
6. Stay away from love affairs.
7. Get a holiday to exotic locations.
8. Travelling.

810 Things I am Passionate about

1. Travelling.
2. Photography.
3. Singing / Jamming.
4. Swimming.
5. Baddy.
6. Cooking.
7. Tennis.
8. Good food. (Rodeos, Subway, KFC)


8 Words/Phrases I often use

1. F**K.
2. Wot the F**K
3. You know.
4. Are you nuts.
5. ....and all that (got that from ma boss)
6. are you crazy
7. lets party.
8. F**k off.

8 Things I learnt from the past

1. I am the Best.
2. We need to educate the community about good and bad through our exp.
3. Talk about your views openly.
4. Be polite to everyone
5. Time is the greatest healer.
6. life is learning process, we keep learning always
7. Patience is the key to all problems.
8.Avoid bad company

810 Places I would like to go /Visit (India)

The list is long.
1. Gulmarg (They have got the longest ski-track in asia)
2. Trek to Himalayas
3. Kerla.
4. Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim (North east).
5. Andaman.
6. Lakswadeep (the green coral reefs are just mind-blowing).
7. Goa (they have got the best beaches in india)
8. Lucknow (the non-veg capital of india)
9. Drive to Leh-Laddakh
10. Siachin

8 Things I currently need/want.....

1. An SLR camera (NIKON would serve ma purpose)
2. A good boss (any job).
3. A party everynight.
4. A friend who could talk sense.
5. New converse (i just cant do without them)
6. CASH (visa power doesnt attract me much)
7. A bike (enfield will do)
8. A holiday trip to Gulmarg

Blogging Buddies I want to Tag (i wish i could flip this question)

1. Renu - Anubhooti
2. Chandrika


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wot do u have to say..??

Great minds discuss "Ideas" , Average minds discuss "Events" ,Small minds discuss "Peoples"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

~ resolutions ~

This year...

I'll take more time to laugh and smile,

To feel the wind upon my face,

To learn true wisdom from a child,

Give my soul the needed space,

To live life pure and clear.

This year...

I'll learn to turn off my computer,

Interact with human beings,

Spend less time in online stupor,

More time learning, breathing, seeing

All that life holds dear.

This year…

I will resolve to write that letter

That I have too long neglected,

Make an aching heart feel better,

Cheer a friend who feels dejected,

Bring someone some cheer.

This year...

I'll not be hijacked by my deadlines,

Or imprisoned by ambitions.

Or let dismal, gloomy headlines

Dictate my heart's disposition.

I'll choose faith, not fear.

This year...

I'll see the struggling flower beneath

The hard, frosty exterior

Of one who lets frustration seethe

Because they feel inferior.

I'll try to draw them near.

This year...

No high-and-mighty resolutions

Fit for presidents and kings.

I'll start a quiet revolution,

Seek these simple loving things

Above wealth or career.