Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wot do u have to say..??

Great minds discuss "Ideas" , Average minds discuss "Events" ,Small minds discuss "Peoples"


Chanz said...

Umm.... it was quite a sentence... Thought provoking and yet so simple..

The great minds have evolved from the average minds who inturn have evolved from the simple minds.
Remember, Charles Darwin's Survival of the fittest...

Let me explain..

Simple minds discuss people..
Out of these simple minds, those who complete their discussion and derive a conclusion and an inference and also make use of their learnings, they are the ones who move on to become the average minds.

When they become average minds, they discuss events. yet again when these people concude and infer somethings from their discussion.. they move on to become great minds...

And when great minds discuss ideas, they become the undefeatable.

Ideas are supreme..

@ease said...

so serene yet so powerful...

@ chanz: kudos to your description. I could not describe my word in ma post, but you have described that in your comments so well..

thanx again

Chanz said...

Gee, Thanks... M blushing... :)