Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Income Tax Returns this year..!!

The illegal allotment of licenses for the 2 G spectrum to telecom biggies in India has cost us a massive Rs 1,76,000 crores. The Chief Auditor General says that the cost of a pan-India licence could be anywhere between Rs 7,442 crore and Rs 47,918 crore. However, Raja issued a pan-India licence for just Rs 1,658 crore. And Raja jee still says that what he did was right.
Manmohan G....jagooo warna yeh 2 G (Raja G & Kalmadi G) aapko le dubenge..!!

In an another scam, it is speculated that Kalmadi & Co have swept almost 70 Billion rupees in CWG... gosh...!! They have made money in Queen's baton relay and several other illegal contracts which were awarded to their kiths n kins. CAG is yet to access the right scale of scam.

Yet another scam, Mumbai's posh Colaba area land (about 3800 square meters) was given to a private housing societiy. This is a defence' land and can not be given to civilians for any purpose but army took no action in this regard because several army officials, including former army Chief Deepak Kapoor himself, had flats in this society. This 27-storey building has been built in Mumbai's Colaba Navy Nagar area. Thou the value of this scam is meagre in front of the above two i.e Rs 500 crores (i feel ashamed to say this amount as a meagre.) but the top brass of the Maharashtra govt and Defence personals are involved.

In this season of scams, Yeddyurappa's land deals could dwarf the ones like Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam. Yeddyurappa's eldest son is the biggest beneficiary in the land-for-family-scheme in Karnataka. This scam is worth Rs 650 Crores.

The hard earned money of the citizen's of the country is going somewhere else. I cant donate my money to these scamsters So i have decided not to file my IT returns this year.


Chanz said...

Well, It is quite a brave attempt if u are saying that you will not file your income tax return.. I don't know if there will any legal procedures taken against these scams. Infact, I am sure that nothing will happen. And that is the reason why these scams happen. Absence of law and order. Such scams will be brought into limelight again next year. And then the next year. This way, every year you will decide against filing IT return.

PS: I loved the way you wrote the first paragraph. The opening was amazing.. And no at all boring like they generally are.

@ease said...

@chanz: the list of scams is growing everyday. I am hopefull not to pay taxes.

...and thnx for d sarcastic appreciation